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why we do it

Bicycology believes that we need to radically change the way we live and organise ourselves to ensure the serious issues of climate change, inequality and other environmental and social problems are dealt with effectively.

  Bicycology was the result of our desire to actively address the problems we see in the world around us. You can read about the things we feel most strongly about below. You will find lots of our information here and links to the best resources on the web we have found:
“Be the inferior to no one,
nor of any one be the superior.” William Saroyan
Bicycology is a living alternative to a car dependent culture...
Climate Change  
“Climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today but there is plenty that we can do about it. 'Green' cars, Biofuels and Carbon off-setting.
Buisness as usual  
Other links
What are politicians and business leaders really saying when
they express concern about environmental problems?

Consensus-decision-making, Direct democracy, Corporate Crime, Economics

Latest: build a pedal generator, build an energy trailer

"Bicycology uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility.
Its aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice"