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make your own streamers from old plastic bags!
Every year, an estimated 17 billion plastic bags are given away by supermarkets - equivalent to over 290 bags for every person in UK. .

bags and other plastic packaging create the majority of the 3 million tonnes of plastic waste a year in the UK, and landfill remainsthe main form of waste management in this country

This destroys countryside and, as it rots, produces the greenhouse gas methane. The simple solution? Reduce consumption, Reuse and Repair or Recycle.

1. Flatten an old bag and cut it into strips using scissaors.


2. Arrange the strips into a pile, one on top of another, and then sew them together at one end. For funky streamers combine strips from different coloured bags.
3. Secure them to the end of your handlebars using string.



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"Bicycology uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility.
Its aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice"