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beautiful basic bicycological bike maintenance

You can download and print the information below in the form as a beautiful illustrated A5 Flyer: Guide pages

Dr Bike's top tip: If you check two things before you ride, check your: tyres and brakes

If your bike is well-made, regularly checked for problems and well-looked after: it can last more than a human lifetime; you’ll discover minor problems before they become major, so you can fix them yourself, more cheaply, using less materials and without having to pay for an expert; and you’ll have a safer, more efficient, comfortable and smooth ride.

Here’s some eco-friendly bike maintenance tips:
Reduce the amount of new materials you buy by taking good care of your
bike, re-using working parts from condemned bikes, e.g. inner tubes, nuts,
screws, reflectors, derailleurs etc. You can recycle broken parts by taking them
to a scrap metal yard, or getting creative – have you tried bike jewellery?!

Try to reduce the heavy chemicals you use on your bike, always look for the
environmentally friendly alternatives, for example using water, natural soap &
an old rag instead of a chemical bike cleaner, and use a biodegradable
degreaser (you can order this on the internet).

We recomend you ride with:Multi-use spanner, Tire levers, Puncture repair kit, Spare inner tube, Pump.


Latest: build a pedal generator, build an energy trailer

"Bicycology uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility.
Its aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice"