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beautifully basic bicycological bike maintenance (M-Check)

You can download and print the information below in the form as a beuatifull illustrated A5 Flyer: Guide pages

Here’s the commonly used and cleverly named ‘M-check’ to help you remember all the things you should check regularly on your bike:

1. Spokes tight? tyre has good grip? brake pads in correct & fixed position ...and in good condition? tyre fully pumped up? wheel nuts tight?
wheel turns without wobbling - (ie. buckled rim or loose cones)?

2. Handle bars in a fixed position? ...and in line with wheel? both brakes working fully? brake cables not fraying or rusty?

3. Pedals are securely fixed to arm and axel? chain well-oiled? chain slackness minimal?

4. Seat in comfortable, fixed position (fully tightened)?
seat at ideal height (are you on tip toes when seated)?

5. same checks as front wheel and you could also check the gears and chain here for any abnormalities..

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then tighten it, heighten it, lower it, pump it.. if you’re not sure, or don’t have the tools, take it to your local friendly bike shop or make friends with a bicycologist. If the answer is yes, then pedal away, but don’t forget to keep on M-checking...


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"Bicycology uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility.
Its aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice"